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Artificial Intelligence in Norton Antivirus

Protect your Computer

Norton Genie is a real time AI-powered scam detection tool from Gen Digital (Norton’s parent company). It uses advanced machine learning, best in class cybersecurity data and technology to help you quickly and easily identify and remediate scams.

It scans files for malware as they enter your computer, using emulation to test what they do and to learn. This helps to minimize false positives.

Real-time detection

With Auto-Protect, SONAR Protection and Download Intelligence, Norton protects against unknown “zero-day” security risks in real time. It also includes a smart firewall that monitors data flows between your PC and other devices to prevent unauthorized network activity.

Moreover, the program scans your computer for threats and helps you fix any vulnerable applications that may be running on your device. You can also enable a feature called SafeCam that blocks unauthorized access to your device’s webcam. Other features include Dark Web Monitoring that looks for your credentials (bank account, phone number, address, passwords) on information trading hubs on the dark web.

In independent tests, Norton consistently scores high in malware detection, and its Power Eraser feature eliminates hard-to-detect viruses. Its performance in the AV-Comparatives Real World Protection Tests for July-October 2021 was impressive, although it slipped up slightly on first run scan speed and during archiving/unarchiving tasks. Nevertheless, it scored higher than rivals in this category such as Bitdefender and PC Matic.

Zero-day attack detection

When it comes to new threats, antivirus software needs to be able to detect them without having any prior experience of them. This is where AI can help. Unlike classic anti-malware techniques that look for malware characteristics, advanced AI programs can use centrally pooled activity data to identify new patterns of behavior and stop zero-day attacks before they can cause harm.

Zero-day attacks are a significant threat because they exploit vulnerabilities in your operating system or other programs that have yet to be fixed by their developers. Examples of zero-day attacks include the Stuxnet malware that targeted uranium enrichment plants in Iran and the Pegasus attack that took advantage of unpatched weaknesses in Siemens industrial computers.

Norton’s AI-powered scam detection tool, Genie, can tell you if suspicious text messages, emails and websites are legitimate or not. It’s fast, free and easy to use. Norton, part of Gen, is a leader in Cyber Safety and cybersecurity with decades of best-in-class research and innovation, the largest civilian cyber intelligence network and a global team that helps millions of people stay safe online.

Behavioral detection

Norton Antivirus offers a complete suite of security solutions, including a firewall and intrusion detection. It also integrates with your browser and search engine to show you whether or not a site is safe. In addition, it uses reputation-based security technologies that it claims are more effective than traditional signature-based protection.

Xorlab’s machine-intelligent software understands human communication behavior and relationships, so it can identify phishing and other cyberthreats that attempt to manipulate people via email, social media or chat. This gives business users the visibility they need to protect their data, assets and customers. It is available in both EDR and managed endpoint detection and response (MED). The latter provides visibility into all activity on a device, while the former focuses on preventing security incidents from occurring. Both products are based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Both provide comprehensive malware detection and real-time threat detection. They are also compatible with most operating systems. Moreover, they are easy to use and come with flexible subscription options.

Malware detection

Norton’s Antivirus software uses both signatures and heuristics to identify viruses. It also provides e-mail spam filtering and phishing protection. The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. Its security suite comes with a money back guarantee, backed by two months of free Norton services.

Virus detection includes heuristics, which compares new files against existing malware databases and can spot rogue programs that try to disguise themselves as safe applications. It also uses a sandbox, which runs executable files in an emulated environment to prevent the real operating system from becoming infected.

Lastly, Genie can analyze any text message, email or social media post in seconds and give you guidance on whether it’s potentially a scam. It’s powered by a combination of Norton expertise and advanced AI that’s trained on millions of scams and their red flags. This is a key feature that helps you avoid being victimized by cybercriminals.

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