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Artificial Intelligence Toothbrush

Oral-B has unveiled a $220 electric toothbrush with AI, the Genius X. It monitors your brushing to deliver personalised tips via the Oral-B app.

The toothbrush tracks pressure and brushing time, while analysing your brushing technique and comparing it to best-practice. It can also tell you if you are applying too much pressure or missing areas of your mouth.

What is an artificial intelligence toothbrush?

With smart technology transforming more and more of the everyday items in our lives, it seemed only natural for toothbrushes to be getting an AI upgrade. Oral care giant Oral-B recently released its Genius X powered toothbrush with artificial intelligence, promising to help you get the best brushing results possible.

The toothbrush is able to detect brushing pressure, brushing direction and location and the position of the head. This data is then transmitted to the toothbrush’s connected app, which can give you personalised feedback on regions of your mouth that require further attention or care. The app also has a 2 minute timer to encourage you to brush for a full two minutes.

Using data collected from thousands of brushing sessions, the Genius X can analyse your brushing pattern and help you brush better. It can identify when you’re brushing too hard or missing certain areas of your mouth and even give you pointers on how to improve.

The CES tech show is always a good place to see new products that make use of AI, and this year dental product maker Kolibree has launched an electric toothbrush with the technology. The toothbrush uses low-energy Bluetooth to communicate with its smartphone app, which displays information about your brushing habits including frequency, duration and area covered. It can even record a video of your oral hygiene routine for you to review later.

Is an electric toothbrush artificial intelligence?

A lot of toothbrushes are smart — but only a few are equipped with artificial intelligence. Kolibree, a French tech company focused on connected oral health, has built Ara, an AI-enabled brush with a camera that takes photos of your mouth and sends them to an app. The app then analyzes the images and displays feedback on your brushing habits — including whether you’re using too much pressure.

Oral-B’s GENIUS X with AI is also powered by machine learning to help you brush for the right amount of time and not too hard. It does this by tracking your movements with a set of sensors on the toothbrush and communicating this data to an accompanying smartphone app via Bluetooth.

The app then compares your data with the results of thousands of other brushing sessions to find out if you’re delivering a clean mouth or causing damage to your teeth, gums and enamel. It can even tell you if you’re missing any parts of your mouth and give you brushing tips to improve.

Oral-B’s new $220 Genius X is Oral-B’s smartest toothbrush to date and was unveiled this week at Mobile World Congress, a tech showcase that usually focuses on foldable phones and 5G. Other companies have also been working on similar technology, with the ETH Zurich spin-off Zaamigo offering a toothbrush that takes selfies of your mouth to check for signs of periodontal disease or nocturnal grinding (bruxism). It then advises you to visit your dentist.

Who builds artificial intelligence toothbrushes?

While artificial intelligence has been incorporated into all sorts of household items, a toothbrush may seem like an odd application. But Oral-B, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, is hoping its new smart toothbrush will help people brush for the recommended two minutes twice a day and get the most out of their expensive toothpaste.

The company’s latest product, the GENIUS X with AI, uses smart sensors to track where you’re brushing and give you personalised feedback via the Oral-B app. The device also includes a round brush head that is said to remove more plaque than traditional electric brushes. It’s available in white, black, orchid purple and sakura pink with anthracite grey handles and comes with a travel case.

During a demonstration, the GENIUS X showed that it could tell whether a person was brushing too hard or missing sections of their mouth. Oral-B has conducted research to find that most people apply too much pressure, don’t brush for the recommended time and miss areas of their mouth when brushing.

Oral-B isn’t the only company experimenting with smart toothbrushes that use AI technology. Last year, Colgate introduced a $100 smart toothbrush that is based on the Kolibree Ara connected brush, which won a CES Innovation Award in 2016. The Ara can track brushing habits and send data to an app where users can receive personalised feedback and rewards for their brushing habits. The app can also provide a dental assessment.

What are the benefits of an artificial intelligence toothbrush?

Using an artificial intelligence toothbrush can help you brush your teeth better and keep them healthy. These brushes use technology to improve your brushing technique and make sure you are brushing for the recommended amount of time without applying too much pressure. These smart toothbrushes can also help you identify areas of your mouth that need more attention.

Oral care company Oral-B created a super-smart toothbrush called Genius X that is available for purchase. This toothbrush uses AI to help users brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes without applying too much pressure. The toothbrush is able to do this because it has been trained on data from thousands of users’ brushing habits. This allows the toothbrush to identify your unique brushing style and then tell you how it compares to best-practice.

The toothbrush also features a smart pressure sensor that lights up green when the correct pressure is applied and red when too much pressure is being used. This feature helps to prevent gum recession by ensuring that the toothbrush is not being used too hard.

Philips’ DiamondClean Smart is another toothbrush that uses artificial intelligence to improve your brushing technique. This toothbrush is able to connect with an app via Bluetooth to show you a 3D map of your teeth coverage area in real-time as you are brushing, encouraging you to brush all areas of your mouth. It also has a variety of brushing modes, including daily clean, sensitive, intense, whitening, gum health, and tongue care.

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